TinkerAndTest.com is the Web Development and SEO Shop online personal internet marketing mobile search playground of Val Lynn.

Hi, I’m Val. I’ve been on the internet since 1993 (whoaa). #BackInTheDay my college roommate introduced me to Internet Relay Chat (IRC). It was amazing. People from around the world with some dial-up internet connection could get together online and talk about whatever.

In 1997, I set up a Web Development Agency and made e-commerce websites for small business owners. It’s fun to look back with Alexa’s Wayback Machine (now Archive.org) on that first web promotion business. Although I do sort of cringe at the colors we used, it makes me smile to think I took a chance and never looked back.

At that time, the best way for me to help my Clients was to combine traditional advertising and marketing with digital development, search engine optimization and email newsletters. I made my living online in internet marketing driving traffic to my Clients’ websites and converting their site visitors into Customers combining online marketing and offline screen printed t-shirts and promotional products. Offline, I provided custom printed advertising and promotional products - everything from t-shirts and pens to ribbon-wrapped food gift baskets and a certain well-known chiclet gum.

In those earlier years, I was a student Customer of Corey Rudl (RIP) and The Internet Marketing Center. Corey was an internet marketing star and a class act. I remember getting an email invitation, like everyone who was a student of his Internet Marketing Tips list, to his wedding reception. Who does that? Corey did. I learned a lot from Corey and continue to put his marketing tips to work today.

Now I use my skills for my own niche projects. I still develop websites and send out newsletters. But I spend a significant amount of time testing new ideas and compiling results. That’s what I do here at TinkerAndTest; this is my hobby website. If what I share helps you, I have fulfilled my mission.

TinkerandTest is an Internet Marketing website and SEO Newsletter where you can get better digital marketing tips, proven tactics to generate traffic and profitable insights for better SEO results. (That’s pretty good ad copy, huh?)

Welcome. I look forward to meeting you.