I’m not a fan of launching websites that have not been themed, skinned or designed first. But in this case, I must make an exception and err on the side of GTD - getting things done, instead of “making things look pretty.”

As nice and practically-designed as TwentyEleven TwentySixteen is, it makes me very uncomfortable to look at this stock WordPress theme, with all of the changes I’d like to make clamoring for my attention.

Make it Pretty or Make it Functional?

But if I give each of those design ideas face time, the testing results and content that I want to share will take a backseat to the design. So it has become very important to share content first. SEO, how to drive traffic to your website, keyword analysis, generating revenue with mobile ads, all of these topics - heck, any of them alone - are more important than the aesthetic of this site.

None of that internet marketing content would be here if I’d focused first on the design.

I Blame Seth Godin and Scott Belsky

Scott Belsky wrote an excellent book entitled, “Making Ideas Happen.” In it are the tricks, tips and techniques that successful creatives use to (at the risk of sounding redundant) make things happen or get things done. For me, pages 82 and 83 were eye-opening. I’m not going to give it away but when I read what Seth Godin said about “shipping” and “The Lizard Brain,” I knew I could only wallow in my lack of productivity for only so much longer.

What good is it to be joyfully creative, passionate about internet marketing – even capable of producing – if I do no more than hash, rehash and hone those ideas only in my head?

But I’ve gotten off track here. because the question is, what effect does your choice have on SEO Results and your internet marketing efforts. The longer you wait to write, every minute, every hour, every day that you do not “pick up your pen and write,” is one more day your site is not indexed. That’s one more day that it will take for the ideas in your head and the observations you’ve made to benefit the not only the people who follow you but you too.

Your internet marketing results are tied to your ability to produce. So forget about making your site pretty. Pick up your pen, or your keyboard, and start writing.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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